The End of the Beginning

Updated: May 19

"The End of the Beginning" is a children's story that my mother read several times to me as a young child. In the tree top a small snail named Avon starts to feel like his life is starting to feel rather mundane. Avon takes action along with a small and somewhat misinformed ant named Edward. Together, Avon and Edward leave the comfort of their tree top home for a life of unknown and adventure. For Avon this is the end of the beginning; leaving the stale lonesome life of the tree branches for adventure, curiosity, and friendship. In other words Avon moves forward to different interests.

This story has always been a personal favourite of mine. Packed with beautiful metaphors and lessons. I feel like adults and children alike can learn from and enjoy this story book.

A brief Interlude

This may seem like a rash decision to some folks. Taking a step back from the "social" media has been on my mind for the past two or so years. I have taken several brakes during this time. I have always returned to the platform after the hiatuses when people say phrases like "Why leave? Didn't you work hard for all of those followers?" This always leaves me with a slight feeling of guilt and trepidation. That said, I am learning not to dwell on it.

Since my childhood my academic strength's have always been related to creativity. To be specific writing and capturing images. Generally I feel like Instagram kills my creativity in various ways that I will not elaborate on. I could go on about the negatives of social media, however I would rather avoid getting sucked into that rabbit hole. Also because there are positives too. Admittedly, Instagram also makes me feel bad about myself from time to time. Some people might call this "FOMO" but I would attribute this more towards feeling like I am not doing "enough". Overall I think social media brings me more anguish than joy. In general the cons weigh out the pros thus my reasoning for stepping back.

Moving Forward

Now that I have put somewhat of a damper on the mood I do want to note that social media is not all bad. For lack of better words, it is just not my cup of tea all the time. I have a great deal of respect for many social media users and the "content" that they post. These users include friends, family, and people whom I look up too. However, I would like to put more effort into writing, photography, environmental conservation, and updating my life's adventures on this platform and enjoying day to day life without as many cell phone related distractions. I am not leaving social media. I will simply be spending less time on the platform.

This is my "End of the Beginning". A slightly new chapter.

A book for all ages

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